The Program:

Prospective Chordsmen will:


  1. Request an invitation and signup for a private anonymous web portal (no one will know you are participating; coaches will only know you by #)
  2. Download a learning track (medium challenge song and arrangement)
  3. Download the learning method and warm-up and vocal prep tools
  4. Learn the arrangement to 90+% note and word accuracy
  5. Record themselves on this arrangement and upload to anonymous portal
  6. Be notified when Coaching Notes (audio and written - but they will only know you by number) have been uploaded by designated coaches to their portal, and implement suggestions
  7. Download a second learning track - learn -  record and upload
  8. Receive new Coaching Notes, or a notice advancing to next level, (allow multiple opportunities for advancement to next level


  1. Receive accesses to multiple performance packages. Eg. Anniversary Package (Three Songs), Valentine Package (Two Songs), Funeral Package (Three Songs), Anthem Package (Two Songs), Religious Package (Four Songs), Show Package (Five Songs)
  2. Download, Learn, Record, Upload Audition for one or more Performance Packages in one or more voice parts
  3. When Passed on the Package based on Good (not Perfect) Performance Level, you will be Notified of SingingGig Opportunities

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The Chordsmen