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The Chordsmen


A separate website to be created when The Chordsmen starts achieving critical mass:

Dedicated to Entertainment Bookers. Professional Agents and Event Planners, Venue Managers, or individuals just looking for a singing valentine or wedding, funeral or community event entertainer. Or a Church who has lost their choir and needs a few good hymns to help retain their congregation. Or a quartet looking to fill one part to accept (not cancel) a gig. Or a Chordsmen wanted to perform for his kid's school.

They will enter the location and type of performance, and, based on postal/area code of Chordsmen who are 'passed' on that performance type and located in that jurisdiction, the computer will either them "an ensemble is not yet available in that area but please keep checking back, or attempt to locate a specific chapter or quartet in their area",  or it will ask them for more info (date, time, fee range, audience, etc.).

Once a Gig request is accepted by the site administrator, it will be posted to all 'passed' Chordsmen for that event type (aka Package), and the first Lead, Bass, Bari and Tenor to accept the Gig will get the Gig.

The Event Booker will make a 20% deposit of the fee, which will be retained by SingingGig and The Chordsmen to pay for web fees, advertising, learning tracks, Socan, charts, shirts and coaching; and the 80% will be split by the performers (and if they don't want the hassel of tax filings, and the CRA, then they can forward that money to SingingGig and The Chordsmen . All profits will be used for Charitable and Service Projects.