DRAFT  SITE FOR Barbershoppers Helping Barbershop

The Chordsmen


This separate site or subdomain will be dedicate to helping MC's (Master of Ceremonies) find gigs and help ensembles find MC's. This will include any person who speaks at or around Chordsmen Events. And the site will be the primary training ground for every Chordsmen in their role as salesperson and ambassador for the Constructive Leisure Activity that is Singing.  We will call them Chordsmen Speakers.

In many cases the MC's or speakers within a performance are individuals within the singing ensemble. But we cannot forget the importance of the individual singer who is talking with audience members after a performance or talking to 'civilians' about our activities, or selling show tickets and cds, or talking with people in other singing organizations. In almost all of these situations it is extremely, and unfortunately, common that these individuals are not prepared for what they are going to say.

The overriding intent of The Chordsmen, SingingGig, CoachingGig and SpeakingGig is to publicize and promote singing to the civilian public. To be most effective, with goals 4 & 5 (Goal 4 - Always Communicating the overriding theme of Community Support through, Music Education, Singing Opportunities AND Selfless Altruistic Charitable Projects; Goal 5 - Always delivering a Well Rehearsed Personal Invitation to Participate in this Constructive Leadership Activity), we must have good communicators. And good communicators are always well prepared. (See Supercharging Your Chapter by Paul Ellinger.)

This site will provide the administrative support, learning tools and speaking tools for the Chordsmen Speaker, who will be taking for role of speaker for a show or other event. It will provide learning tools and resources to support or develop the speakers that singing groups need to so badly. And there speaker will also act as the trainers who will teach all ensemble members to learn to be better sales people for attracting new participants, selling show tickets and cds, and being good ambassadors of the Greater Barbershop Community and Greater Singing Community.